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Development Changes in Paediatric neurodisability

The University Medical Center Groningen is organising a Meeting on "Development Changes in Paediatric neurodisability" .


The meeting aims at presenting and discussing the novel insights in the concepts, diagnostics and therapeutic guidance of paediatric neurodisability.The meeting starts by addressing typical child development: what are the current ideas on brain development, motor, cognitive and social development (`embodied cognition`, the tight intertwining of the various components of development)? Via an intermezzo on `nature, nurture and neuroplasticity`, the meeting moves to paediatric neurodisability. First, it addresses the changes in concepts of neurodevelopmental disorders, including those on childhood epilepsy and the role of cerebral visual impairment. Next, guidance of children with neurodisability and their families is addressed. This includes the role of stem cell therapy, family coaching and virtual reality. 



donderdag, 20 juni, 2019 - 09:00 t/m zaterdag, 22 juni, 2019 - 18:00